June 2020

Why Wait Until Fall When We Can Connect Online Now?

Our May 19 launch of the Utility Exchange Web Series went great.  Over 80 people registered for the Driving Transportation Electrification Initiatives snapshot panel followed by discussion among the presenters and audience.  You can view the recording at  www.utilityexchange.org/driving-transportation-electrification-initiatives but the recording doesn't include the last 30 minutes of candid utility-only roundtable about EV initiatives. It was terrific to have utility staff join the discussion from as far away as Jacksonville Electric Authority. 

On the webcast, it was reassuring to see the faces of the snapshot panelists as they offered a glimpse of what they plan to talk more about when we all get to Aspen.  And the discussion clearly demonstrated the level of interest in the topic as well as the eagerness to stay connected online and share experience and expertise during these challenging times.  

We hope you'll make time to join us online June 16 for a similarly-styled discussion about Retail Customer Pricing Initiatives.  We are looking forward to seeing you all in Aspen or connecting online this fall.

Ed Thomas & Tiger Adolf, UtilityExchange.org

Pricing Webcast

Learn Online About Retail Customer Pricing Initiatives on June 16

Learn how utilities, government agencies, and solution providers are developing and implementing programs and activities to achieve innovations in traditional retail energy utility customer pricing.  This webinar/podcast will offer insight on what has already been accomplished, offer an overview of planning underway with a focus on the role of utilities, and take a shallow dive into topics and challenges utilities continue to face in transportation electrification.  Several panelists will offer a snapshot of what they plan to present in greater detail at the 14th Rocky Mountain Utility Exchange this fall. The free webinar/podcast on June 16 will follow this 90-minute format:

  • Snapshot Panel. Up to 6 presentations of up to 5 minutes each on this topic (up to 30 minutes)
  • Industry Discussion. Questions and comments between presenters and all webinar registration (up to 30 minutes)
  • Utility Exchange. Candid roundtable discussion among only those webinar registrants who are with a private, public or cooperative-owner utility. All other attendees will be dismissed before this portion of the agenda begins. (up to 30 minutes)

Recordings of the Snapshot Panel and Industry Discussion will be made available to anyone at no charge via the UtilityExchange.org website and all podcast platforms. The utility-only portion of the agenda will not be recorded or transcribed to respect the confidentiality of the participants.

Learn More and Register

Fall Conference Registration is Open with In-Person and Online Options

This year's Exchange will offer a first-ever online pass so that participants may choose to meet in-person or online.  We will let all presenters and attendees know by no later than August 28 (30 days before) if this year’s event will be a mix of in-person and online presentations, or if the Exchange will only be online. Regardless, there WILL be a 14th Rocky Mt. Utility Exchange.  

We understand your organization's travel plans may be in flux due to current industry challenges. But go ahead and register anyway. Our cancellation and refund policy remains the friendliest in the industry. Any attendee may cancel registration with full refund and no penalty fees if you notify us by Friday, Sept. 25 (i.e., the business day before the conference starts) and any sponsor may cancel their registration by Friday, Aug. 28.  Details are at www.utilityexchange.org/14th-conference-attend.

Organizations in the News

Grand Valley Power Earns NRECA Award

NRECA announced the winner of the Edgar F. Chesnutt award for the Best Total Communication program - Grand Valley Power!  The award-winning initiative was led by Christmas Wharton, Communications Manager at Grand Valley Power and Rocky Mt. Utility Exchange Utility Advisory Committee Member. Learn more HERE.

GVP logo

Xcel Energy Files Transportation Electrification Plan 

Xcel Energy recently filed its Transportation Electrification Plan with the Colorado Public Utilities Commission.  The plan launches 20 new programs such as home, multi-family, commercial fleet and community-based charging, rebate programs and an EV school bus program to expand EV opportunities for all.  Learn more HERE.

Xcel Energy

Franklin Energy Featured by Smart Energy Consumer Collaborative

The Smart Energy Consumer Collaborative recently featured Franklin Energy in its Member Spotlight!  Read the profile to learn how their flexible, scalable offerings empower utilities to effectively engage customers. Learn more HERE.

Franklin Energy

Archive Presentations Are Free to Everyone

Whether you attended last year's Exchange or not, the UtilityExchange.org archives are available to you. If you attended, we can't think of a better way to allow you to share what you learned with others. If you weren't there, this is the place to learn what you missed. Please bookmark this page and if it asks for a username and password please know that you can create a free user profile if you don't already have one. 2019 workshop topics included.  Full agenda with presentation links for the 2019 event are available at www.utilityexchange.org/13th-rmue-resources

13th Rocky Mountain Utility Exchange

14th Rocky Mountain Utility Exchange, Sept. 29 - Oct. 2, 2020

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