CYBERSECURITY: How Leading Public Power Providers are Automating Cyber Threat Assessments and Continuous Monitoring

IPKeys Power Partners Roundtable: Insight for Public Power Providers on Data-Driven Analytics & Intelligence
Webinar recorded March 24, 2020 produced this webinar where participants discovered how public power utilities across North America are achieving a defensive posture to automate a continuous process to: 1. Lock all the cyber doors with vulnerability assessment; 2. Monitor the locks and networks for detection, response, and flaw remediation; and 3. Benchmark compliance to industry standards for supply chain risk management. Attends heard specifically how leading public power provider are leveraging a standards-based system approach in a cost-effective manner without adding significant staff. Also, you’ll learn key aspects of a new APPA and Department of Energy project to subsidize deployment of N-Dimension’s N-Sensor technology at pubic power utilities in order to further mature the cybersecurity programs. Discover how leading utilities are fostering a culture of cyber security starting with self-assessment on to data-driven benchmarking using commercial tools.

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