FAQs About Utility Exchange Membership

Q: What is Utility Exchange’s mission?
A: Utility Exchange is a member community administered by UtilityExchange.org to help utility staff and allies network and learn. Its primary focus is the design and delivery of customer-centric energy and water utility programs related to efficiency, load management, distributed energy resources, and customer service operations. Learn more at CLICK HERE.

Q: Does Utility Exchange lobby?
A: Utility Exchange does no lobbying, and does not accept or distribute donations to candidates or advocacy groups.

Q: Who belongs to Utility Exchange?
A: Utility Exchange is an individual membership organization. Members have the option to publish and share their contact information with other members. Membership lists are not public information, but you may see the professional titles and organizations of who attended the most recent Rocky Mountain Utility Exchange at CLICK HERE.

Q: Why do I need a profile username and password? Do I need to be a member to login? How do I get a username and password for myself?
A: Any individual may register at CLICK HERE to receive a Free Visitor Pass to establish a profile username and password which is required for limited access to content from Utility Exchange member events over 3 years old.

Q: How much does it cost to join Utility Exchange?
A: Utility Exchange member benefit and pricing is detailed at CLICK HERE. Utility Exchange staff would welcome the opportunity to schedule a no-obligation, web-based conference call with screen sharing for you and other key decision makers in your organization to discuss what membership level is most appropriate and tips for making the most of your membership benefits.

Q: Where may I find slides from a past conference?
A: Utility Exchange offers members and allies a Resource Directory of links to thought leadership by industry experts. The Resource Directory contents page at CLICK HERE is accessible to anyone, but many of the resource links require members to login to view and download the information described.

Q: How may I post an announcement about my company, such as a new product release, request for proposals, or position opening? How much does it cost?
A: Members may post an unlimited number of announcements at no cost to share with other members on our website. Email your announcement posting request to [email protected]

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