15th Rocky Mountain Utility Exchange, Sept. 21 - 24, 2021

Rocky Mountain Utility Exchange facilitates a networking and professional development conference for staff representatives of energy and water utilities serving Colorado and neighboring states who are responsible for the design and delivery of customer-centric utility programs, including resource efficiency, load management/growth, distributed energy, and customer/member service operations. This event attracts utility and government staff as well as trade allies that provide products and services to support utility programs.

The agenda focuses on utility best practices, case studies, and lessons learned. The agenda format has been adjusted this year to encourage more online interaction. Each session will follow this format:

  • Presentations: up to three 15-minute live case study presentations related to a central topic. Attendees will be encouraged to type questions/issues in chat for further discussion.
  • Breakout Groups: up to 30 minutes of breakout group discussion with randomly-assigned attendees facilitated by session presenters. Attendees will be encouraged to add their perspective and explore common challenges/opportunities related to the topic.
  • Wrap-up Discussion: up to 15 minutes to reconvene the full group to allow session presenters to report-out on key takeaways from the breakout discussion and respond to insights shared in the typed chat throughout the session.

Looking for past presentations? Visit our Resources.

Conference Overview

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